Brian has just started a visit to Tanzania to see how things are going and the make sure that the donations are used to greatest effect. As his trip continues this section will record where he goes and what has been done as well as give a flavour of what Tanzania is like.

 The purpose of this visit  of REMIT Founder Rotarian Brian Stoyel of the United Kingdom is to visit various locations where REMIT projects have been active over the last twelve years and to renew his many acquaintances and supporters here in Tanzania.
Under the direction of Tanzania coordinator Rtn Faye Cran and  three outreach Directors Freddy (Moshi) Boniface (Arusha) and Jitu (Babati) they have arranged interviews with Health Directors, local Mayor and suppliers.IMG 0872
Tree planting residual house spraying and distributing nets have all been a part of his itinerary.  With the strong support of local Rotarians, Rotaractors and Community Corp leadersThe REMIT programme has supplied over
500,000 nets helping daily to save lives.

Safely arrived. Now experiencing first four hour power cut. Raining this morning now beautiful sunshine.

Working on filming schedule with helpers and local Rotarian friends Faye & Boniface. What lies ahead? Rain - sunshine, Rotary meetings, Mosquito repellent tree distribution etc


view from balcony

The view from Faye's balcony.

The purpose of visit to check that REMIT programmes are working effectively in our partner villages.

To establish links with existing and potential projects with the help of Rotary and Rotaract clubs.

One of t he things that we always need is visual material, images and film, to advertise the successes of REMIT and the scope of what has to be done. We are shooting an informational video of all aspects of the REMIT programme.

 Day 1

Our new promotional leaflet appreciated for the bright colours DAY 1 Filmed the loading of mosquito repellent trees, safely looked after during the dry season, into our Rotary truck and now ready for delivery tomorrow DAY 2 Overnight rains plus power cut suspect this is going to be a daily occurrence.

Morning came with electricity for 2 hours before another whole morning powercut.

Day 2

Day 2 started with a visit to Meru Peak school.  A private school set up with the help of Maxine and myself five years ago to serve a rural community for children between the ages of 4 and 20.  More news later.

Lunchtime visit to the Rotary Club of Arusha Sunrise (Saturday lunchtime club for young members) to discuss a large Global Grant between Arusha Golden Sunrise and other RIBI clubs.

Traveled out to  Elera area to distribute 500 repellent trees to the Mayor of the area. Physically planting trees not easy in drenched soil but we managed.

Everyone very appreciative with "We thank you very much May God look after you all"

Our delivery truck could not get backup the hill because of the slippery slope so it was Get the big vehicle to pull him home.

A full enjoyable day.