Day 3 update on blogging Brians travels.

1. An early start for breakfast on the verandah and then off to Elera to distribute bed nets.
Today we were supplying single bed nets and there were plenty of customers.
As customary there is always a small charge to accept the responsibility of owning the nets, this time approximately  70p each.  The local Head man was in attendance to help distribute to those who could not afford this contribution.  All money raised goes to purchase more nets.  When collecting a net everyone was given a coloured leaflet telling them what to do and an informational leaflet on Malaria in Swahili, this is in addition to speaking to everyone about Malaria.  Rotaractors and Rotarian Boniface on hand to help distribute.  Michael, Faye's son drove the truck to the village with the nets.
2.Along the main road to Patande to view Rain harvesting projects in a school and Blind/deaf institution.  All tanks were full because of the latest rain.  There is flooding in some parts of the area.
3. Maji ya Chai our next stop to view my first encounter with Tanzania back in 2000 when with a Rotaract Overseas Project team we built classrooms, still in use, and later in 2003 a library now stocked with books,and the community hall.  Rotaractors !! you would not recognise the village now the school is bigger with boarding facilities and the surrounding village expanding.  Our projects are still very much in use and well looked after.
Nearly stuck in deep water through the floods but our vehicle negotiated successfully, thank you Samson our driver.
4.  Viewed Meru Peak Hospital my first port of call back in 2001 to see how we could help the Malaria situation.  The response, supply bed nets please.
5. Went onto view projects at Kitefu Kindergarden Primary and Secondary instigated by New Zealand Rotary clubs  dotted around the area - classrooms, rainwater harvesting, toilets, kitchens etc. all again well looked after.
6. Onto the Street Children project still going strong as well as the Upendo leprosy project.  The leprosy project where my real interest started in Africa after they had a fire, PDG 1290 Norman Proctor visiting the area saw the need to rebuild and thought it a good project for Rotaractors so the association began, the newly appointed Sister was delighted for me to visit them again and it gave me the opportunity to purchase another Masai belt which they make on site.
7.  Stopped off at Meru Peak animal sanctuary for a quick 'soft' drink and to see Zebra, Crested Cranes, Ostrich, peacocks and amazing Colobus monkeys flying through the trees returning home for the night - hope I have them on film!
8. Then onto Upendo dispensary to speak with the pharmacist about local Malaria treatment - rapid testing, diagnosis and tablets to help the fever 9. Throughout the day there is much evidence of Rotary Clubs from Canada, New Zealand, RIBI working together to provide a better way of life for Tanzanian children and helping to save lives.

In between I telephoned Luke, our Grandson to wish him a happy 10th birthday.
Early start tomorrow for Moshi to meet a Health Minister and more projects and filming.

Good night from a humid Tanzania which favours those flying insects!!!!!!!!!


Day 4.

Day 4
An early start today as we are going to Moshi  75 Km away from home.  Before we depart we hear there is a national bus (minibuses) taxi strike because of the harassment given them by traffic police.  This makes our journey easier and quicker, but still the police are there on the roads. desertedroad1. Faye introduces me to Rtn Freddy Monyo the Moshi coordinator for REMIT his connection in the past with local council eases our passage through the forthcoming meetings 2. Meeting. With Dr Christopher Mtamakaya in charge of Health matter for the Municipal
2. First appointment with the Moshi Municipal Director. Shaaban Ntarambe nothing changes pleased to see us and grateful for our initiative to help Moshi and Tanzania
3. Meeting with Dr Christopher Mtamakaya in charge of health matters for the Municipal, various graphs on the walls of his office display this fact.
Spoke about various projects and importance of constant change in residual house spraying chemicals to combat the resistance set up by the mosquito, currently using three types. The four strategies used by the Municipality after net supplying being a) Spraying b)Environmental Management c)Diagnosis d) Treatment.  With REMIT nets at State boarding schools and hospitals.
4. Left his office with Mankato who is in charge of the Malaria Control Unit residualspraying
5. First stop Pasua Ward for House spraying under the care of John, a Young Citizen who has been around the ward speaking to everyone collecting names and house details.  We then set off with three sprayers and we are invited into homes to view the operation.  Very effective the mosquitoes actually try to getaway from the spray.  Young and old show us their houses. Good to see nets hanging in the rooms.
6. Miembeni Ward to meet with a Rotary Community Corp group set up for the malaria operation. This group about twelve in number go around supplying and helping local Villagers to care for their trees all very proud of their success.
7. Miembeni Ward to see how trees planted last November as small shoots have developed now about four feet tall.
8. Called into the Municipal store to see a locked garage where spray canisters and liquid are stored for safety in this vicinity Miembeni - Majengo - Mjimpya
9. Very enjoyable lIght  snack in a Evangelical cafeteria of which Freddy is a member.
10. Back to meet Faye at the chicken factory before journeying home
11. Stopped at Maji Ya Chai Rotary Community Corp to look over the Women's farming cooperative of which Knei is now Chairman -the only man amongst 32 women.  Sweet potatoes were dug the like that would not pass any supermarket test in the UK but tastes very good.
12. Time to change before visiting the Rotary Club of Arusha Mount Meru with Rtn Mustafa a long time friend of mine in these parts.
More tomorrow
Best wishes

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Let me first finish off Day 4...

TanzaniatreedisI attended the Arusha Mount Meru meeting last evening to be informed it was a Business meeting therefore no visitors were permitted.  Mustafa arrived and quickly put that right!!
From there on -- please tell us about yourself!!  Meeting continued Please tell us more about REMIT  - a slip of paper appeared in front of me "Please tell us your views on the Rotary Foundation". So I had a good evening and received a rousing applause.  At the end of the meeting very favourable discussions continued.
When we went to leave the hotel the heavens opened and floods were the norm walking through 6 inches of water in places, an Indian meal was offered and readily accepted.  The journey home was even more dramatic with torrential rain and power cuts.