Day 5

1. Meeting with the Arusha City Council had to be postponed until tomorrow - council duties
2. Visit to  Lebolosi Primary / Secondary school to view rainwater harvesting and vocational studies for young destitute girls for tailoring, dress making etc.  English is the medium of learning as dress patterns are English!  On this day the sewing machines were being used for the first time, great excitement and we collected two knitting machines for future use.  A request from the teacher for a security door to the classroom to ensure the machines remain safe and do not have to be carried around the school.  Cost approximately £150 any volunteers just an email to me will suffice.
3 Visit to the local young councillor a potential Rotarian and helper at the above school also supporting mechanics, hairdressing lessons hopefully more to follow IMG 0827
4. Visit to A-Z our net suppliers.  Since my last visit they have moved into a new expansive factory where the machines work 24/7 employing some 8,000 local people, really a state of the art set up.  Mr Patel family owner shortly retiring back to India near Gujarat and we hope a future Rotarian, rest of the family remaining to continue the excellent work
5. Collected 1000 nets from A-Z for distribution this coming weekend.  I returned home with the truck only to be subjected to more police stops and suddenly torrential rain so much so we were unable to get the vehicle up the rutted track to our house.  The 4x4 managed the task later in the evening dragging our truck with the nets.
6 Spent the evening with Simon and Kate at Faye's. Simon born Tanzania is an inspirational artist of African wildlife Just take a look.
7. Rain has stopped and we have power, welcome to Africa.thumb IMG 0874Click for large version.

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Hi everyone
 No power cuts today but rain at times.  
1. Started the day by saying goodbye to Simon and Kate with the promise of them seeing me at D1175 conference next year as one of our speakers.
Excellent news and a plus for REMIT as in all probability Simon is going to devise a wildlife Malaria Christmas card for us as well as some of his paintings proceeds going towards malaria projects here in Tanzania
2. I was then invited to visit the Cultural Heritage Centre for Africa in Arusha.
With my personal  guide I was shown numerous exhibits in a superb gallery it was interesting to hear various stories and I could liken it to my Chiefs Chair with its intricate carving also the Wahari game played so fast by all Africans it would seem.  Then into the African gem centre with a story that Tanzanite would not have been the Tanzanian stone had the ruler at the time permitted another earlier sourced gem Tsavorite to be recognised.  instead that gem was given to Zambia.villagestall3. A rough country drive with Michael at the wheel to finish his work deliveries and collect money owing for a sausage maker.  Our final stop at the factory was fascinating as I was able to recall to the owner that I had prepared sausage skins with my grandfather years ago when he owned a casing factory.  My Auntie Betty Tavistock Inner Wheel member and my Cousin David past member of the Tavistock Rotary Club continue the business today
4. Eighty km drive to Arusha for their 4.45pm meeting. Great opportunity to thank members for their REMIT help over the years and in the future.   AreaIMG 0815 coordinator Freddy, Area Treasurer Mukesh and member Lucy were in attendance to be thanked personally for all their help.  One of the new members has a waste management business with which Rotaract could be associated.  This would work nicely with a Rotary Community Corp for her workers to join.Again I was asked to say a few words about Foundation and the value to the club  and projects
5. The drive home was as hairy as ever at this time of night - bicycles with no lights, cars and trucks with no lights and those with lights always on main beam,  indicators not being used as ourselves in the UK but if signalling right it is OK for you to overtake !!!!!! two massive lorries broken down at different locations and being repaired in the middle of the road with piles of sticks and grass in the road to act as warning signs, police road checks together with people, cattle and bicycles heavily laden with grass for the cattle feed.
6. Just received Rtn  Boniface's Global Grant application for the RC Cheltenham's REMIT project 'Serving Children under 5 in Tanzania'. A little light reading before retiring I fear.
All good fun, tomorrow is another day.

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IMG 0916

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  Best wishes to everyone from Tanzania, Brian.