Day 7

Hi Everyone

The days seem to go so quickly here we are at Day 7 and having received the election results I trust most of you are satisfied !!!

Proceedings today ------ first and foremost to buy a pair of trousers !!

with the travelling, rain and mud conditions are not ideal or clean !!!!

IMG 0935

1. A meeting with Rtn Walter Maeda a REMIT helper and member of the RC Arusha. We reminisced and I thanked him for his supportIMG 0946

2. My next meeting was to present a Paul Harris fellow award to the owner /editor of the Arusha Times those that have followed REMIT will know we frequently get coverage in this weekly local paper. William was pleased to help us and always willing to receive copy. A good connection.

3. A cultural visit to Meserani Snake Park, quite scary to think these things are all around us. One had a nickname Seven steps! before you are dead, if you are lucky it is usually less than that as the pain is not nice. The sanctuary does carry anti snake bite serum for them all except one !!!! Also in this sanctuary a Masai cultural show very informational. Our two guides were excellent.

4 Back to Eriteri to supply the community with more repellant trees. All sizes gratefully received

IMG 0956Click me for larger image5. Off to Olaasiti to visit two vocational projects Hairdresser and metal fabricator. Along the same idea as our sewing girls of earlier in the week. The hairdresser tutor was very timid and as she is dealing with Masai women will have to harden up a bit. The metal workers were a complete disorganised mess you can guess my instructions to them through Joyce the Ward Community Development Officer - Get the workshop tidy with shelves, racks and then you will see what you are doing and get rid of the rubbish! That is very hard to say in Africa as everything has at least five lives even rubbish. A strong Rotary connection which augurs well for another new Rotary member.

6. And yes the heavens opened and the heaving market place became deadly quiet and yet people were still wandering the streets in torrential rain - our journey back up to Faye's was as always very slippery and interesting

7 During supper we had a power cut


Best wishes to everyone