Hi Everyone

A very hectic couple of days with fantastic outcomes Day 9

1. A 7.30 am start from Arusha to Magugu some 180 km away the usual police checks eventually arriving around 11.oo to meet with Rotarians from the RC Babati and REMIT coordinator Hon.Jitu V. Soni. We were greeted at the health centre by hundreds of villagers, elders, councillors and anyone of IMG 1167importance. Thereafter it was speeches, more speeches and more speeches all praising rotary, REMIT, Babati & Dev Manik. At 12.15 I handed over the centre equipment to the Director of health representative and centre Doctor.
Photos show more clearly, blood testing, sterilising equipment, temperature control, centrifugal,but we have established a good resource for the Villagers IMG 1174some 52,000 spread out around the area. They have a qualified Doctor and nurse responsible for the equipment stationed at the centre.
Speeches continued with soft drinks for everyone and Faye and myself were presented with Masai gifts. I am now an elder (with no encumbrances that I can see !!!!) with the name Ketaola.
Numerous presentations, drumming with very good singing brought the proceedings to an end. I think Dev will be looking down with great affection.
2. Rotary lunch with a few selected members. I made suggestions that a Jaipur limb Centre could be added to the clinic as there would be many recipients of our affordable limbs.IMG 1195
3. Back to the centre fortunately to just avoid the birth of a baby in the room where I was taking photographs just a second before. For the first time witnessed the rapid blood testing we supply with some lovely elderly ladies, although thankfully all proved negative.
4. Travelled back to Manyara 70kms for our supplying of nets tomorrow.
5 we stayed at Manyara Lodge overlooking Manyara National Park, wonderful, a huge place but because someone had hacked their booking system we had the hotel to ourselves with their 20 or so staff. The view was magnificent and comes highly recommended.

Day 10

1. 6.30 start for breakfast so we could visit the park before our next jaunt.
IMG 11852. The day was made when we viewed two lioness slumbering in a tree. A rare and wonderful sight. We were approximately 8 feet away from them for a good 30 minutes I hope the photographs do the experience justice.
3.  Net distribution at Manyara village with a most formidable lady Councillor, absolutely fantastic she was and shows the need to use local people - she knew everyone and sorted them out admirably. Distributed some
1600 nets during the next three hours with the help of young Arusha Golden Rose Rotarians.
4. Journey back to Arusha was unpredictable as our accompanying net vehicle had been stopped in the morning and fined for no rear light !!!!! In the end as we were in convoy and our net vehicle had been stopped twice already on the return journey the driver ran the Police stop check!!!!! We then stopped to argue the case, well chaos, shouting but with Michael as our driver we got through - only a few k down the road all was stopped again a big argument ensued but I was introduced as an MP from the UK and with me handing my Mango fruit juice over all was resolved.  Welcome to Africa
IMG 12165. I then met in Arusha my African child 'Brian' son of Boniface and Iris. Boniface, ex Rotaractor, now Rotarian I have known for 15 years and Iris his Masai wife. We ate with them, played with Brian who is now three years old and had a great time, He is a lovely lad and the parents charming.
6 Eventually reached home about 9.30pm all exhausted

I hope you have enjoyed reading these tales as I depart tomorrow evening so there may be one more edition.
As always my best wishes for the wonderful work we are able to do here and for the appreciation shown by the recipients.