Final message of this tour

1.Early visit into a very hot Arusha to computer design a roadside replacement board (8ft x 3ft) for the Rotaract Overseas Project back in 2003, the old hand written sign has lasted very well.
2.Met up with Boniface to check on availability of more trees and nets for Manyara later in the month.
3.Stopped off at Upendo to take photos of the village dispensary and to meet another pharmacist
4.Returned home to start packing and saying farewells
5.6pm house departure to the airport for 9pm flight - sometimes the airport can get rather congested /chaotic !!!!
6.Met a group of lads waiting to go through security check who turned out to be the choir of Utah State University.  When we reached the departure lounge an impromptu Afro singing session ‘flash mob’ was exhilarating.  The acoustics were perfect. The choir only to be pleasantly and surprising usurped by a fellow passenger who just happened to be a professional female opera singer who also burst into stunning song – quite uplifting and just another of life’s one off experiences.
7.Boarded plane en route to Dar es Salaam when over the sound system the captain announced the choir were on board and invited them to stand in the aisles for a mid-air rendition which went down well with everyone, the flight crew had never experienced the like before, cameras, cell phones flashing and recording – mine as well.

So a fitting conclusion to what has been a very hectic 11 days.
My thanks to REMIT webmaster Paul for suggesting a daily update/record and as always my grateful thanks to Faye and her teams for pulling out all the stops to arrange meetings, trips and supplies etc

Proving yet again Africa can be full of surprises, fun, sadness, colour, disagreement, beauty, harassment, disappointment, friendships with lasting memories and it is so good to return to see all our efforts are not wasted but appreciated by so many.  Yes we cannot help them all but to those we do help we bring a little happiness and hope of a better tomorrow.

Thank you to my readers and perhaps given time I will get my photos and video edited and I will be able to visit you and show you some of the excellent work The Family of Rotary continues to do in the underdeveloped areas of Tanzania.
Bye for now