The best intervention is to provide Insecticide Treated Nets (ITN's) for poor people. The hardest hit are the children under 5 and pregnant women. Everyone benefits from malaria control, the poor benefit the most.

ITN's lower malaria by 80%.

It is REMIT's goal to get an ITN to every pregnant woman and child under five in Tanzania.

The cost to save a life = £2.50

REMIT now has charitable status

We are pleased to announce that REMIT is now a registered charity (number 1136620) in England & Wales. A gift aid form lets us reclaim basic rate tax on your donations. Download it here.

How Rotarians Can Help

REMIT is supported by RIBI, and a service project sheet explains how clubs and Rotarians can help. Download it here.

With your continued support:

  • Over 400,000 nets purchased
  • Education & talks provided
  • Residual House Spraying
  • Clearance of Breeding Sites
  • Donations over ē250,000
  • Matching Grants: £151,276
  • 3H Grant: £174,847
  • Wide Speaker Network
  • Many Rotary Districts Involved