How R.E.M.I.T. helps

Malaria causes poverty, not the other way rounds. The best prevention, pound for pound, is to provide Insecticide Treated Nets (ITNs) for poor people. ITNs lower malaria by 80%. ITNs are not a total solution, but a good start. Malaria hits the Poorest of the Poor the Hardest. 5 – 30% of income goes to deal with malaria. Everyone benefits from malaria control. The poor benefit the most.

nets1R.E.M.I.T. aims

REMIT aims to save a lot of money by buying the nets in Tanzania, the local company manufacturing the nets is located in Arusha.

By buying the nets manufactured in Tanzania transport costs are minimized and this will help the local economy.




What happens to the money?  

Money is going to be sent out continually so the insecticide treated nets can be handed out on a regular basis.

Rotarians of the two Rotary Clubs of Arusha are distributing the nets and the Rotaract and Interact clubs of Arusha are also helping out.




The first symposium took place in a new village community centre at Maji Ya Chai, near Arusha, Tanzania.

Maji Ya Chai is a village that Rotaract Overseas Project have worked in over several years. REMIT is using it as an example for what can be acheived. There are a couple of other villages around Maji Ya Chai which are being used with the help of the local health authority, who are providing doctors and health workers to help with the training of the people. All of the work is being done by the local people, who given the chance would do it themselves. Unfortunately they cannot afford it so this is where REMIT can help to raise funds and awareness about malaria.




The symposium is basically a health clinic where local people:

  • Are shown treated bednets
  • How to treat ITNs
  • How to use the ITNs
  • What effect the mosquitoes have
  • What the preventions are

REMIT is hoping that people further afield who haven't been to a symposium will realise that using a bednet has the following benefits:

  • People using ITNs are not being ill
  • They are turning up for work
  • Able to bring money home
  • And thus start to use one themselves.

People come from a radius of 20-30 miles so another village that distance away would be the ideal to use in the future when REMIT aims to move further afield and have more symposiums.

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