The R.E.M.I.T. Shopping List

This is a guide for expenditure associated with this project.

Amongst the top ten diseases in Arusha, Malaria is number one and is the cause of 30% immobility - absence from work, school etc. Local doctors say more people die of Malaria than AIDS.
Question/Item:   Answer/Cost: 
 Cost of one Insecticide Treated Net (ITN)  £2.50
 40 ITN's  £100
 100 ITN's  £250
 400 ITN's  £1,000
 Estimate for one hospital / institution  £1,000
 4000 ITN's  £10,000
 How often does a net need retreating  Every 8/9 months
 Cost to retreat an ITN for 10 years  £7.50
 Cost to retreat 20 nets for 5 years  £75
 Where are the nets being made and purchased?  In Arusha, Tanzania
 Who will distribute them?  Rotarians & Rotaractors of the Arusha Rotary Club
 To finance the labour element of fixing nets
in hospital wards
 £10 per week including materials
 Gambosa or Dagaa fish in water tanks / ponds  £100 to stock pond & care
 Cost of one Hemacue machine - to check for Malaria  £300
 Cost of 100 cuvettes for Hemacue testing  £50
 One Hemacue test cost  £1
 Capitol cost for setting up a symposium in Africa for 50 entomologists, including cost of experts for 2 weeks in Arusha  £20,000
 Mosquito cages, basins for larvae and magnifying glasses  £200
 Training day with food to create community sensitivity. Maji ya Chai has 17 wards invite 100 from each ward. Seminar lasts for 7 to 8 hours and includes transport and stationery  £600
 Three day training session in Africa for 100 workers  £800
 Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine to aid research  £10,000
 Laboratory equipment to establish a mobile centre  £3,000
One months salary for anti-malaria worker  £40
Cost of bicycle and spares to aid health workers visiting villages  £30

Employment of street youth team for one month to clear suspect malarial sites under supervision