How YOU can help

At this stage money is needed the most.

You can help by making a DONATION.
For personal donations a gift aid declaration is available which allows us to claim back basic rate tax on your donation at no cost to you. Download a gift aid form here.

The cost to save a life is just £2.50

Please make cheques payable to REMIT and send to:

Rtn Brian Stoyel,

'The Pines',

131 Pomphlett Road,

Plymouth, Devon,


Please remember to include a gift aid declaration for any personal donations if you are a UK taxpayer, so we can maximise the amount received.

We have enthusiastic speakers in the majority of RIBI districts but currently require more help in Districts 1140,1160 &1260.

Can you help and at the same time find out a little more about Malaria and our tremendous results ! Do you know of someone perhaps a non Rotarian who could help !

Contact Brian Stoyel for further information.
Click here to see what needs to be bought for the project..